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Viruses and being hacked aren’t something you need to worry about when you have a MacBook, right? Wrong. Without the proper protective measures, your MacBook is vulnerable to possible system attacks, and we’re here to tell you how.

The Visibility Issue

It’s hard to understand the risk of malware intruding your Apple device when you don’t use antivirus software. Not having an antivirus program on your MacBook means that there’s nothing to report the presence of malware in your system. There’s a level of visibility and threat intelligence that can be seen in the Windows ecosystem that isn’t present of a MacBook with no antivirus protection. The takeaway here is simple: install a reliable antivirus program on your Apple devices to decrease your chances of being attacked by malware.

Why Windows OS is Mostly Targeted

There are several compelling reasons for hackers to focus on Windows computers rather than going after the MacOS, in the same way that Android devices are bigger targets than iOS devices. It’s a better experience when creating and executing malware for Windows and Android compared to Apple products. They perform better, increasing profit for the criminals that created it. Because of this, there are more malware writing tools available for popular platforms at a cheaper price than what they’d find for MacOS.

Apple products come with the reputation of being some of the safest devices on the market. They have built-in safety mechanisms that prevent individuals from reconfiguring the system without having the proper administrator password. You’ll also find that installation files that aren’t digitally signed by Apple can’t be installed. However, that doesn’t mean that malware for MacOS can’t be written, it’s just a more complicated process that would take more time and effort than trying to hack a Windows operating system.

More than a Secure OS is Needed

No matter how secure your operating system claims to be, it’s not enough to ensure that your system is safe. As your operating system interacts with many third-party software programs, there’s no guarantee that they would leave your system vulnerable to viruses.

Protecting Your System

Are you concerned about the security of your computer and want peace of mind? Then there are a few things you can do. Be sure to keep your OS and applications updated, installing the latest security fixes. Run an antivirus program you can trust, like Avast, Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Lastly, don’t click on any suspicious links or visit non-secure websites.

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