Cloud Services

In the 21st century, businesses are no longer defined by their premises and work is not confined to office hours.

Cloud technology has enabled us to be more efficient than ever before, but it’s important to ensure your network is properly structured to ensure your data assets are properly protected and your business needs met. With a proven track record of deploying sophisticated cloud based solutions to Surrey businesses, Surrey Geeks IT is ideally placed to developed a custom network that will give you the speed and flexibility you need to grow your business.


One of the greatest advantages of cloud technology is that it is completely scalable so consultation is key to understanding what type of cloud environment is best suited to the needs of your enterprise. Once we understand your business goals and objectives, we will work to devise a strategy that ensures the cloud environment you end up with works with your business structure to optimize operations, minimize overheads, and increase network flexibility.


For companies thinking about making the switch from server to cloud, the concept of migration can seem daunting. Surrey Geeks offers comprehensive migration services to ensure a seamless transition to cloud, with minimal disruption to your business. In the first stage of cloud migration, we conceptualize and plan out your IT environment, taking into consideration operational factors such as the number of users, levels of access, and space requirements, as well as the strategic goals of your enterprise. The cloud storage space we provide for you is for the exclusive use of your enterprise and will be tailored to ensure it suits the current storage requirements of your business whether that be 10GB or 100GB.


As a company which has provided business grade IT security for over 20 years, we take data protection very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring the cloud environment remains absolutely secure. Your data is fully protected by Surrey Geeks’s sophisticated security solutions and as our data centre is based right here in Canada and managed by our local team, we are able to ensure your sensitive information remains secure at all times.

Cloud Backup

By far the most effective form of disaster recovery, our cloud backup protocol stores a ‘snapshot’ of both your data and system configuration on the cloud, so in the case of data loss your office can keep running with no downtime. Variations in data and configuration are updated to cloud according to the needs of your enterprise and we are also able to store older versions of your system if required.

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