Laptop Repair

At Surrey Geeks we also offer laptop repair services. Laptop are becoming more common now-a-days. Every other household or offices, owns a laptop. And because these devices are becoming more common accidents happen. Don’t fear we are here to help we offer solutions for all hardware and software related problems. Whether you dropped your laptop on the ground and damaged your LCD screen or, your operating system got corrupted our experienced and qualified techs got you covered. We offer the following services:

Laptop LCD Screen

Did you accidentally crack your laptop lcd screen? The laptop screen is very fragile and can be broken easily by stepping on it, closing the screen too fast, putting heavy objects on top of the laptop

Laptop Motherboard

The one dilemma everyone has when the laptop motherboard dies out is whether to buy a new computer or repair your broken one? It depends on how much it will cost to replace the motherboard because it

Laptop Keyboard

Did you accidentally spill something on your laptop keyboard? Or your laptop keys popped out and you can’t find the keys anymore? Or the ribbon or connection broke between the keyboard and the

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